Monday, November 12, 2007

Action Against Total in the UK

See below for information from our friends at Total out of Burma:

Saturday 24 November 2007
Protest at TOTAL petrol stations around the UK

French oil company TOTAL is the fourth largest oil company in the world and Europe's largest investor in Burma. TOTAL is in a joint venture with Burma's dictatorship in the Yadana gas project in southern Burma, which earns the regime hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Since the violent crackdown against demonstrators in Burma in October, TOTAL has been lobbying the French government to keep oil and gas out of tighter EU sanctions against the regime. So far it has been successful.
Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's democracy leader, has said that "TOTAL is the biggest supporter of the military regime in Burma".

With the media's attention waning, TOTAL thinks it has weathered the storm of public outrage. Now is the time to show them it's only just beginning - join the TOTAL out of Burma Day of Action.

Tell us you're interested:
See what's been happening and what's planned:

HOW TO JOIN THE DAY OF ACTION There are two ways to take part in the day of action:

1. Join a garage protest. Email your name and location to or call 07939 975 085 and we'll try to match you with a local protest (previous protests have already occurred in Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Oxford & St Albans). As protests are confirmed we'll add them to the blog:
2. Organise your own action - there are several hundred TOTAL petrol stations in the UK to choose from. Follow these three easy steps:
a. Find your local TOTAL garage using the handy Service Station Finder at or check the google map of UK TOTAL garages being created at
b. Get some simple visual materials together, plus some leaflets or petitions, and publicise it to your friends, contacts and local press. If you want the details listed publicly (e.g. on the blog) email them to or call Paul on 07939 975 085.
c. Hold the protest! Take some pictures, post a report on and send the link to Plus write to TOTAL's head office telling them what you've been up to.

Basic placard designs, petitions, leaflets and a model press release are downloadable from:


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