Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome new Burma-news readers! And winks to the ol' loyalists!

Ta da! Welcome to this week's edition of your AU Burma Wire! With all the latest Burma news, who could complain? (That's not an invitation, btw)

Burma Embassy Protesters Mark 2nd Anniversary of Military Crackdown
"Protesters have demonstrated in front of the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok to mark the second anniversary of the military crackdown on Buddhist monk-led calls for democracy." [Don't ask me why it's in present tense, I've no idea]

China Urges Burma to Protect Rights of Chinese Nationals
Because we all know how well the junta treats Burmese Nationals...

Embracing Burma's Generals
(op-ed) And you thought the Wall Street Journal only covered economic news these days!

U.S. Planning New Overtures to Burma

"Increased Humanitarian Aid, Round of Talks Aimed at Improving Relations

Some other updates:

Wednesday, Sept 30 there will be a protest for Burma at the Congress building. If interested, please meet outside Union Station at 1PM, I believe by the fountain (if you see people in green shirts, good). If you want more information, which of course you do since you're highly educated activist types, try here.

Next Thursday at 5:30PM (methinks in Kay's basement) there will be a showing of the video "Burma VJ." You should see it, movies are fun.

Anyways, it's been great chatting!

Anne K Lynch (aka Current Events Coordinator, although I think just 'news girl' would suffice)

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