Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News girl returns with more updates!

Howdy one and all! News should be free and organized. One out of two isn't a bad start!

Landslides in Burma kill three people
"...the fatalities occurred on Saturday in the southernmost town of Kawthaung, which borders Thailand."

Foster homes sought for Burmese youth
We can help Burma without even going there!

Suu Kyi in Burma government talks
"Reports suggest she has softened her views on sanctions in recent times, concluding that they are adversely affecting the lives of ordinary Burmese."
Overview of Burma sanctions
A quick reference, from BBC

Also, come see "Burma VJ" on Thursday! 5:30PM! Katzen! IT'S FREE!!!! And some of our good friends, U Gawasita and U Agga Nya (monks from Burma) will be there! Watch the trailer.

Signing off,
Anne K Lynch/ news-bane of your existence

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