Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to the new Student Campaign for Burma!

Howdy folks! Guess what? We're full of fresh alt-breakers! Yay! We had (what I hope was) the first of several meetings to come this past Wednesday night, when a few of us more or less decided things we could do, things we wanted to do, and things we needed to wait and see for. One thing I could do was contact an organization that originally wanted to work with AUSCB last fall but never really came to fruition. So I e-mailed them, Kid Power Inc. Here's the response:

" Dear Anne,

I am so glad that you contacted me.  We are still very interested in working with you and I am excited that your students have such a  recent experience to speak with our students about.  
In the past. special interest series can come in two forms.  
The first is that we are talking to our kids about organizing their own little non-profits this semester where they choose a cause and then work this semester to develop a unique fund raising technique, learn more about the needs that need to be addresses and send money to the fund/project they choose.  On your end this would require a weekly or every other week commitment for the next couple of months.  We would like your group to come and talk to the kids about the cause and work along side them as they run their project.

Another option is doing a "seminar series"  where we essentially do the same thing as the non-profit idea but on a smaller 4-5 week scale.

Or you are welcome to come once, share your experience and do an activity.  You can commit to this and then see if you would like to get involved further.

What do you think?
What do you guys think? Let's have some input!



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