Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Burma News Cafe!

Good afternoon, my lovelies! One order of Burma news, coming right up!

Ethnic Repression May Increase Ahead of Burma Elections
"The report also puts forward the concern that the upcoming elections this year will intensify the already severe repression of political critics..."

Burma's youth rapping for change
Y'all have probably already heard about Generation Wave. Now the BBC has, too!

Burma Imprisons Buddhist Monk
I'm upset!

Burmese Refugees Persecuted in Bangladesh
"In a campaign that seems to have accelerated since October... ethnic Rohingya refugees who have been living for years in Bangladesh are being seized, beaten and forced back to Myanmar..."

You get two sides with your meal:

1) On March 2, there will be an “International Tribunal on Crimes against Women of Burma” in New York. Learn more here.

2) We recently received this news from Free Burma Rangers: "

Report from FBR relief team on the ground helping the IDPs:
On 19 February, 2010, Burma Army troops from MOC 7 attacked the school at Ta U Plaw and wounded Saw Eh Kaw Thaw, 12 years old, and Saw Ree Re, 10 years old. Saw Eh Kaw Thaw was wounded in his right hand and Saw Ree Re was wounded in his right leg. We (K5 FBR Luthaw)... helped to take care of the boys. They are ok now. But another boy, Saw Roe Bee Moo,16 years old, was wounded deeply in the side and stomach. We tried to send him to a clinic but on the 21st of February he died. We are very sad about this."

To learn more about FBR, their website is

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American University Student Campaign for Burma

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