Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burma vs. Snowmaggedon!

Good morning folks! I hope you haven't been snowmaggedon-ed too much over the past week, although something tells me we all have. Let's hope a little Burma update brightens your day!

Myanmar refugees seek Orissa Govt.'s attention at their neglect
Burmese refugees struggle in India

Elections mean nothing to Myanmar's ethnic armies
"We cannot work with the SPDC, we are their enemies," Yawdmuang said. "We are prepared to talk but the SPDC cannot accept our proposal. They say we must lay down our weapons, nothing else."

Burma: Conviction of Kyaw Zaw Lwin

RSS Feeds RSS Feed Thai Government, UN, Civic Groups Look to Protect Burma Refugees
"The Thai military last Friday tried to push the Karen back to Burma, which they fled last year to avoid fighting between Karen rebels and the Burmese military."

Obviously, we weren't able to hold meetings this week. I imagine we'll be making those up next week. In the mean time, I'm going to soon be sending out an e-mail about the various works-in-progress that Student Campaign for Burma is up to this semester. If you're interested in helping in any of these activities, please e-mail me ( or come to our next (less snowy) meeting!

Best travels,

Anne K Lynch

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