Monday, March 1, 2010

Status Report!

Hellooooooooooo Burmanators!

We had a short SCB meeting a little while ago and those of us who came missed the rest of you terribly. So if you would be so kind, we'd feel much better if everyone sent some kind of status report on whatever projects you're working on (Burma Action Week related or otherwise). That, or please show up Tuesday night (4:30pm, MGC) so we can share stories then.

Updates from today's meeting:

  • The Tavern is more or less reserved for the evening of April 7th for a 'coffeehouse.' Shoshanna has been asked to MC. If you know musicians or performers, can you ask them about participating?
  • Kid Power Inc. is interested and sent me tantalizing details... a week ago... currently we're waiting for their verdict on specific dates and times.
  • The social justice branch of the Methodist students has been contacted about cosponsoring a movie night. No reply thus far.
  • Ani (performing tomorrow at 9:30 club) is said to want tabling at the event, however the club management needed to okay it.
  • The Quad (like the Tavern) is more or less reserved for 'flagging' April 5th (morning) through 6th (night). We talked about getting large red or red-marked ('saffron') popsicle sticks to represent the roughly 2200 political prisoners of the SPDC and including a couple bigger displays of specific profiles and general information. We'd probably get the sticks ready the weekend before, put them up that morning on the 5th, then take them down late Tuesday.
  • SCB has offered to contribute some money to the March 23 Charity Variety Show, in which the winner gets to choose a charity to donate fund-raised money to.
  • Sounds like holding the Saffron Rave-olution at the Dancing Crab has many fewer liabilities than trying to find a private house...
  • We're really wondering about how plans are going for the library photo display thing, Alex's chevron thing, and the panel discussion.
Also, don't forget to come by the MGC tables tomorrow or Thursday!

Best o' luck for midterms!

Anne K Lynch

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