Thursday, October 4, 2007

Great Op-Ed Calling on China to stop the violence in Burma and More Protest Resources

**We do support the global internet protest on the Internet being silenced in Burma, but in light of our upcoming protest on Saturday, we needed to post some more information. **

First, this op-ed was written by Patrick Cook-Deegan, the Northeast Regional Student Coordinator for the US Campaign for Burma.

Second, please refer to this website for more information on the protest this Saturday in Washington, DC. They should also be posting our event on the Avaaz.Org site shortly, and we already have an event listed at Additionally, please join our facebook group at Don't forget to wear red, and to bring signs, posters, and your support for a Free Burma!!!

Third, if you are in the DC area and are attending the protest this Saturday, a group of students from American University will be meeting on the steps of Kay Spiritual Center at 11am to head over to the Burmese Embassy together. Join us for coffee and donuts as we get fired up and call for a Free Burma!

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