Monday, October 1, 2007

Photos from DC Protests, 9-28-07

Outside the Burmese embassy

We had an incredible turnout of support at the protest this past Friday! A crowd numbering 400-500 people rallied at the Burmese embassy, then marched north to the Chinese embassy. Buddhist monks, Burmese activists, students from AU, GWU, Georgetown, BYU, and Harvard, demonstrators from North Carolina, and many more walked, chanted, held signs, and demanded Burma's freedom.

Check out the media coverage from WUSA9, NBC4, and a Vietnamese TV Station. Don't forget print media! Here's an article from our very own AU Eagle, and this article in the Washington Post.

Even more important than media coverage in the US was the transmission and news of the DC protest reaching activists inside Burma.

We must stand in solidarity with the Burmese people and let them know how much we support them. Here are some great pictures from the protest. All photo credit goes to MK McKenna.

Leading the demonstrators in protest

On the march to the Chinese embassy, led by Buddhist monks

Trying to stay on the sidewalk, our group was several blocks long!!

The world is watching!!

Speaking out in front of the Chinese embassy

Symbol of the Burmese Democracy Movement: The fighting peacock

Getting the attention of Connecticut Ave during rush hour

Protesters in front of the Chinese embassy

Burma, Burma Must be Free! Justice, Peace, Equality!

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