Monday, November 30, 2009

Burma: A Consistency of Rotten Milk!

EheheheheHAHAHA!!! I'm losing my mind! Which is exactly the reason why I turn to Burma for stability-- at least its consistent!

Netherlands - Verhagen speaks with Thant Myint-U about Burma
Exciting: I've never found a link from this news source relating to Burma before!

Burma should democratize on its own
... says ASEAN

A Husband Whose Wife is a Political Prisoner
"We have to face them. It's what the families of political prisoners have to endure."

Junta Continues War on Monks
"He said four youths  who were in contact with monks in Mandalay were detained in September. 'Their family and relatives do not know where they are now,' he said."

With this, I wish you all luck on your finals, eloquence in your papers, and safety in your travels coming up!

Your crazy news girl,
Anne K Lynch

P.S. Thanks to the person who commented on the last post!!!  I appreciate it!