Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Burma is like a toaster on fire

Gah! The papers don't stop piling on!!! I thought midterms were over! Quick, I'll take anything else!

Thai Border on Guard for Drugs From Myanmar
If you're willing to question your country, switch out 'Thailand' for 'US' and 'Myanmar' for 'Mexico'

Burmese Junta Says It Will Release Suu Kyi
So... are their noses doing the Pinocchio?

Asian Nations Welcome Obama, Renewed US Engagement
Including ASEAN

Irish Bishop Michael Smith visits Burma
The luck of the Irish may do 'em some good!

Brought to you by the Burma news girl,

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma
Email: auburma@gmail.com
Website: http://auburma.blogspot.com/


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