Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have yourself a Burma Thanksgiving!

Coming up next: In this three-part series, the Burma-Hallmark channel presents you with a compelling tale of Turkey Day excitement and heart-warming atrocities! (Yes, I know I need a break )

UN General Assembly Condemns Human Rights Violations in Burma, North Korea
Next step: DO something please!

Burma: End arrests of activists and continue aid after Cyclone Nargis
Junta say "Amnesty International: Fill out a complaint form and we will get back to you after you listen to 15 years of muzak!"

Selection Time Precedes Election Time in Burma
A 2-pg article, some detailed information about upcoming elections

Cheerio folks! Enjoy the holiday! ...hey... is that where Cheerios gets its name?!

the news girl,
Anne K Lynch

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