Monday, November 30, 2009

Burma: A Consistency of Rotten Milk!

EheheheheHAHAHA!!! I'm losing my mind! Which is exactly the reason why I turn to Burma for stability-- at least its consistent!

Netherlands - Verhagen speaks with Thant Myint-U about Burma
Exciting: I've never found a link from this news source relating to Burma before!

Burma should democratize on its own
... says ASEAN

A Husband Whose Wife is a Political Prisoner
"We have to face them. It's what the families of political prisoners have to endure."

Junta Continues War on Monks
"He said four youths  who were in contact with monks in Mandalay were detained in September. 'Their family and relatives do not know where they are now,' he said."

With this, I wish you all luck on your finals, eloquence in your papers, and safety in your travels coming up!

Your crazy news girl,
Anne K Lynch

P.S. Thanks to the person who commented on the last post!!!  I appreciate it!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have yourself a Burma Thanksgiving!

Coming up next: In this three-part series, the Burma-Hallmark channel presents you with a compelling tale of Turkey Day excitement and heart-warming atrocities! (Yes, I know I need a break )

UN General Assembly Condemns Human Rights Violations in Burma, North Korea
Next step: DO something please!

Burma: End arrests of activists and continue aid after Cyclone Nargis
Junta say "Amnesty International: Fill out a complaint form and we will get back to you after you listen to 15 years of muzak!"

Selection Time Precedes Election Time in Burma
A 2-pg article, some detailed information about upcoming elections

Cheerio folks! Enjoy the holiday! ...hey... is that where Cheerios gets its name?!

the news girl,
Anne K Lynch

Thursday, November 19, 2009

‘Burma VJ’ shortlisted for 2009 Oscars'


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Burmese Olympics: SPARTA!!!

Wow, there has been so much news around this week, guys, that I could hardly narrow down my choices! I highly encourage you to google search Burma news yourself, just to see the enormity of my task. Then, say, "Golly gee whiz, she MUST love us!" and then go do something productive.

Burma; third most corrupt country
Next year guys, we'll be number one! Go team!

Burma ferry death toll passes 30
"An official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that 23 of the dead were female and eight male."

Burma Considers Private Education
Because let's face it: Burma's grades in public school have just not been up to muster the last several years.

Why Obama Will Meet with a Leader of Burma's Junta
"But dialogue with dictators, goes the new U.S. thinking that is being applied from Iran to North Korea, is now seen as preferable to not talking and cutting off any chance at reconciliation."

Three cheers for the number 3 corrupt nation! That's a bronze medal in the Olympics, mind you.

Best travels,

Anne K Lynch

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Burma is like a toaster on fire

Gah! The papers don't stop piling on!!! I thought midterms were over! Quick, I'll take anything else!

Thai Border on Guard for Drugs From Myanmar
If you're willing to question your country, switch out 'Thailand' for 'US' and 'Myanmar' for 'Mexico'

Burmese Junta Says It Will Release Suu Kyi
So... are their noses doing the Pinocchio?

Asian Nations Welcome Obama, Renewed US Engagement
Including ASEAN

Irish Bishop Michael Smith visits Burma
The luck of the Irish may do 'em some good!

Brought to you by the Burma news girl,

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Thursday, November 5, 2009

News follow up

Follow up for the previous news! (Thanks for sending me the link!)

U.S. official visits Myanmar, Suu Kyi
"However, while U.S. officials are now sitting down with the generals, Washington has said it will maintain the sanctions until talks result in change."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank you, Burma, for making my life seem manageable.

November is here! Yay for the end of midterms! Boo for the start of finals prep/ final papers! At least the good news coming out of Burma will calm our college nerves.

Myanmar Rohingyas swap suppression for squalor
The refugee dilemma

Senior U.S. officials traveling to Burma
"The last senior U.S. official to travel to Burma, also known as Myanmar, was Madeleine Albright, then U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, in 1995," back when I was in kindergarten.

Karen Fear Military Offensive near Planned Dam
I was going to post "Suu Kyi Unhappy with Restrictions" but that seemed pretty obvious

Journalists, Volunteer Relief Workers Arrested in Rangoon
"Members of the independent relief group, Lin Lat Kyal, were among those arrested, allegedly for accepting relief donations from abroad."

For your personal enjoyment...

Yeah, I lied, no good news this week. But hey, I bet our problems don't look so big now!

Anne K Lynch