Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summertime in Burma Town

Oh my horsefeathers, it's the last Burma news email of the semester! We're all out of classes and (mostly) done with finals! That said, there's more time to read up on what's going on in Burma! So enjoy with a glass of your favorite summer drink, have a great summer, and let's hope we all hear more come autumn!

Pressure Mounts on Energy Giant Chevron to Disclose Revenue in Burma
"When shareholders of the multinational company Chevron gather for their annual meeting in the U.S. city of Houston in late May, they will come face to face with Naing Htoo, whose community has suffered due to the exploits of the energy giant in military-ruled Burma."

The New Silk Road
Focus on that second paragraph

Burma leaders 'shed uniforms for polls'
It's a mass exodus of the army! Wait, what?

Burmese leader says 'saboteurs' threaten national polls
Well, he would know...

China deploys additional troops on Burmese border
Aka, border control!

Report Highlights Lack Of Humanitarian Access To Cyclone Nargis Survivors In Myanmar
" 'Civilians in cyclone-affected areas continue to be subjected to various forms of forced labour, everyday restrictions on movements, and infringements of the rights to freedom of expression and association,' the report said."

TTFN, Ta-ta for now!

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burma FAILS spring finals

Special Announcements! (I know I'm late, I'll explain in due time) Don't study on a Friday night: Tomorrow night starting at 8pm is CELEBRASIA 3.0!!! At the Tavern! Just $5 and you get amazing awesomeness! And SCB is tabling, how exciting is that, right?!

If you really must study, do it in the Perch. You might find a special SCB surprise :)

Burma explosions leave nine dead
"Bombs planted near Rangoon firms with ties to junta as country prepares for first elections since 1990"
(if you prefer poor video, enjoy)

New South Wales Will Not Acknowledge Burma's Election
Not all of Australia, just the cool part

Series of explosions reported at hydroelectric project in Burma
Just what we needed, more explosions

Burma's hip-hop resistance spreads message of freedom
"Thxa Soe's music gives country's youth a focus for dissatisfaction with the junta despite strict censorship"
(This was cool!)

Best travels and good luck with finals!

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Burmese spam is probably spicier than ours

So I opened the AU Burma email address and saw a notice that the blog got a comment! It was spam. Not cool.

Locking down N-supplies
A Bangkok editorial on the DC nuclear summit thing, check out the bottom paragraphs

Burma Opposition Apologizes for Failing to Achieve Democracy
Let's imagine this. The NLD comes up to the podium: We're sorry we can't establish a free nation while our government is killing off its citizens and torturing opposition (aka, us).

Burmese music: Sound of the underground
Good article, but don't click the links, they don't actually go to the music described here (sadly!)

Burma Action Week was AMAZING! Thank you guys for coming and participating and helping and just showing general support! You are also amazing! And we should have lots of money for Burmese refugees! If you want notes from our most recent meeting (including upcoming events) email us!

Best travels,
Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burma News and Action! HUZZAH!

Burma Action Week is half way through! Wow, guys, and it's cool! Have you seen ALL of those popsicles? (either on the Quad Monday or the beach until Thursday) And how about those awesome t-shirts of awesomeness? But best so far was tonight's coffee house/open mic night, including the performance of a recent alt-breaker/Burmanator, Thomas Qian! Who was awesome! Clap at your computer because it was that cool (I'll get some pics up on facebook soon if you couldn't come).

Thai unrest, Burma cloud ASEAN summit
ASEAN has its hands full! Darn those juvenile delinquents!

Burma’s largest opposition party to boycott 2010 election
Is it really a boycott if it's not a fair election?

Child Displacement in Burma Documented
"Based on the Thai-Burmese border, the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) and Partners released its findings in a report titled “Displaced Childhoods,” which chronicles conflict areas in eastern Burma."

And in case you didn't know (because I forgot to mention it) SCB joined protesters a week or so ago outside the SPDC attache's place in DC as they were throwing a big dinner party. There are pics on facebook, you should look for them!

And a little plug: I wanna co-lead the Thai/Burma alt-break next winter break. Would anyone be interested in co-leading? Contact (Shoshanna Sumka, head of the alt-break program)! Because I really don't wanna do it alone.

Best travels folks! Come to the Burma panel discussion Thursday, noon, McKinley 101! It's gonna be awesome and I am gonna enjoy that tea-leaf salad!!! Wheeeee!!!!!

Anne K Lynch
news girl/VP/not doing marketing homework

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Burma Action Week: One of many events!!/event.php?eid=105951919443440&ref=mf

The above link is to one event of many that SCB is planning for our very own Burma Action Week, starting Monday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burmese Popsicles!

Heya guys! Burma Action Week (bi-week?) is starting up next week and I need volunteers to "color" a LOT (2200) of popsicle sticks red (with ribbon, markers, colored paper, anything) between now and Monday morning (EARLY) when we will flag the quad (a specific section, which I'll go over with volunteers). Monday night we'll have to move them to the McKinley Green for Campus Beautification Day, where they will stay until Wednesday night. Contact me at please!

Burma stages landmark army parade
BBC has video: Hello peacocks!

Who is at the heart of Burma's junta?
Meet the rulers of the SPDC!

Indonesian FM Visits Burma
"Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa is expected to meet with Burmese generals this week..."

Best travels, folks!

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Burma: Part of a Balanced Breakfast!

Howdy folks! We've made it to what I call 'prefinals season,' when everyone wants to be outdoors and we're all gonna die if we dare enjoy the nice weather. So take a break! Keep informed! Burma news is good for your health!

Consultations on Myanmar Produce Opposing Views
Honestly, I'm surprised there aren't a lot more views on the subject!

For democracy activist Nyi Nyi Aung, homecoming is bittersweet
"Just eight days ago, Nyi Nyi Aung didn't know whether he would live to see his home again. Imprisoned in the Burmese jungle, he'd been beaten, forced to sleep in a kennel in his own excrement, denied medical treatment and told by captors that his U.S. citizenship didn't matter."

Burma Blames Rebels for Deadly Land Mine Blast
"Burmese state media said a passenger bus hit the explosive last Sunday..."

Burma's long, hard road to democracy-- Bangkok Post
No kidding!

Time for your Irish Coffee! Toodles!

Anne K Lynch
aka newsgirl

P.S. Get excited! Burma Action Week is hitting AU in early April!

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Burma news for your morning commute!

Ha! No I'm not dead-- I had a paper to write yesterday/last night. So here's the latest Burma news!

Credible Election In Burma
"Burma's military government has unveiled a new national election law that disqualifies leading opposition figures from running for office."

UN Investigator Accuses Burma of Systematic Rights Violations
Really? I never woulda guessed!
"He says an estimated one million people are excluded from citizenship on the basis of their ethnicity and are considered illegal immigrants."

Burmese Residents Rally Against Discrimination
In Indiana

Burmese refugees face starvation in Bangladesh
"The Rohingya issue might well be the most desperate, immediate refugee situation in Asia right now."

Cheers to an awesome, sunny day guys! Best travels,

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Frankly, Burma, I don't give a damn!"

Enough with the excuses!

Nobel winners push for Myanmar regime to face court (READ IT!)
"Rutha was pregnant when she was forced to serve as a porter at a military camp in Myanmar. There, she was raped nightly and her father killed when he refused to allow soldiers to take his 22-year-old daughter."-- Reuters

Thousands of Burmese Migrants Miss NV Deadline
"'We will not be lenient,' said Supat Gukun, the deputy director-general of Thailand's Education Department..."

U.S. increasingly wary as Burma deepens military relationship with North Korea
We were strangers in the night... exchanging glances...

What Obama Can Do for Burma
Written by Aung Din of the U.S. Campaign for Burma for the Wall Street Journal, a quick summary of Burma's current state

And don't forget to watch the Oscars on Sunday to cheer on "Burma VJ"! If you haven't seen it, I think the National Archives will be hosting a showing Saturday night!

Thank you for tuning in to this week's installment of your weekly Burma news. Everyone have a fun spring break!

Anne K Lynch

P.S. 11am-1pm come see me and Torin tabling in MGC to see how you can get involved and get our government to do some action for Burma!

P.S.S. 6:30pm Thursday at Ward 1 on AU's campus: Go see "Stop Femicide in Guatemala with Norma Cruz! It's a great cause, a phenomenal activist, and much of what you'll hear is completely relevant to Burma. (here are some facebook details) Please? Because I have a class and REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go but can't and would like to hear about it.

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Monday, March 1, 2010

Status Report!

Hellooooooooooo Burmanators!

We had a short SCB meeting a little while ago and those of us who came missed the rest of you terribly. So if you would be so kind, we'd feel much better if everyone sent some kind of status report on whatever projects you're working on (Burma Action Week related or otherwise). That, or please show up Tuesday night (4:30pm, MGC) so we can share stories then.

Updates from today's meeting:

  • The Tavern is more or less reserved for the evening of April 7th for a 'coffeehouse.' Shoshanna has been asked to MC. If you know musicians or performers, can you ask them about participating?
  • Kid Power Inc. is interested and sent me tantalizing details... a week ago... currently we're waiting for their verdict on specific dates and times.
  • The social justice branch of the Methodist students has been contacted about cosponsoring a movie night. No reply thus far.
  • Ani (performing tomorrow at 9:30 club) is said to want tabling at the event, however the club management needed to okay it.
  • The Quad (like the Tavern) is more or less reserved for 'flagging' April 5th (morning) through 6th (night). We talked about getting large red or red-marked ('saffron') popsicle sticks to represent the roughly 2200 political prisoners of the SPDC and including a couple bigger displays of specific profiles and general information. We'd probably get the sticks ready the weekend before, put them up that morning on the 5th, then take them down late Tuesday.
  • SCB has offered to contribute some money to the March 23 Charity Variety Show, in which the winner gets to choose a charity to donate fund-raised money to.
  • Sounds like holding the Saffron Rave-olution at the Dancing Crab has many fewer liabilities than trying to find a private house...
  • We're really wondering about how plans are going for the library photo display thing, Alex's chevron thing, and the panel discussion.
Also, don't forget to come by the MGC tables tomorrow or Thursday!

Best o' luck for midterms!

Anne K Lynch

Thursday, February 25, 2010

PERFORM! for the SCB Coffee House!

AUSCB is looking for folks who would be willing to play a Coffee House in order to raise money for a Burmese Community living on a dump in Mae Sot, Thailand. We are still waiting on space confirmation, but the tentative date is Wednesday April 7, from 7pm-9pm.

We need about 7 acoustic acts to play for about 10 minutes each. If you're a musician, or know any AU students who would be willing to get on stage and show off their talents, please respond to this thread or email:

We look forward to hearing from you!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Burma News Cafe!

Good afternoon, my lovelies! One order of Burma news, coming right up!

Ethnic Repression May Increase Ahead of Burma Elections
"The report also puts forward the concern that the upcoming elections this year will intensify the already severe repression of political critics..."

Burma's youth rapping for change
Y'all have probably already heard about Generation Wave. Now the BBC has, too!

Burma Imprisons Buddhist Monk
I'm upset!

Burmese Refugees Persecuted in Bangladesh
"In a campaign that seems to have accelerated since October... ethnic Rohingya refugees who have been living for years in Bangladesh are being seized, beaten and forced back to Myanmar..."

You get two sides with your meal:

1) On March 2, there will be an “International Tribunal on Crimes against Women of Burma” in New York. Learn more here.

2) We recently received this news from Free Burma Rangers: "

Report from FBR relief team on the ground helping the IDPs:
On 19 February, 2010, Burma Army troops from MOC 7 attacked the school at Ta U Plaw and wounded Saw Eh Kaw Thaw, 12 years old, and Saw Ree Re, 10 years old. Saw Eh Kaw Thaw was wounded in his right hand and Saw Ree Re was wounded in his right leg. We (K5 FBR Luthaw)... helped to take care of the boys. They are ok now. But another boy, Saw Roe Bee Moo,16 years old, was wounded deeply in the side and stomach. We tried to send him to a clinic but on the 21st of February he died. We are very sad about this."

To learn more about FBR, their website is

Best travels,
Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Important Notice/Burma bees

Of course all of the bees are voluntary.

Burmese Officials Celebrate Kim Jong Il's Birthday
Be concerned...

Burma Sentences 4 Activists to Hard Labor as UN Human Rights Envoy Visits
Be appalled...
UN Rights Envoy Meets Prisoners in Burma
Be suspicious...

27,000 Burmese pass ID process
Be outraged!

IMPORTANT! If you would like to CONTINUE to receive Burma news and SCB updates, please RESPOND TO THIS BLOG by e-mailing! We're working on a new listserv. Thanks!

Best travels,

Anne K Lynch
aka newsgirl

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burma vs. Snowmaggedon!

Good morning folks! I hope you haven't been snowmaggedon-ed too much over the past week, although something tells me we all have. Let's hope a little Burma update brightens your day!

Myanmar refugees seek Orissa Govt.'s attention at their neglect
Burmese refugees struggle in India

Elections mean nothing to Myanmar's ethnic armies
"We cannot work with the SPDC, we are their enemies," Yawdmuang said. "We are prepared to talk but the SPDC cannot accept our proposal. They say we must lay down our weapons, nothing else."

Burma: Conviction of Kyaw Zaw Lwin

RSS Feeds RSS Feed Thai Government, UN, Civic Groups Look to Protect Burma Refugees
"The Thai military last Friday tried to push the Karen back to Burma, which they fled last year to avoid fighting between Karen rebels and the Burmese military."

Obviously, we weren't able to hold meetings this week. I imagine we'll be making those up next week. In the mean time, I'm going to soon be sending out an e-mail about the various works-in-progress that Student Campaign for Burma is up to this semester. If you're interested in helping in any of these activities, please e-mail me ( or come to our next (less snowy) meeting!

Best travels,

Anne K Lynch

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burma: A Symphony of Chaos

Howdy do, everybody! Tonight, we will be hearing a symphony of chaos! Let us begin!

‘Burma VJ’ nominated for Oscar
If you hadn't heard already!!!

Japanese officials interview Burmese refugees
"Japan agreed in 2008 to accept 90 Burmese refugees from northern Thailand's Mae La camp over three years, making it the first Asian country to agree to resettle refugees on its soil."

Burma Absent from UN Security Council's February Agenda
Say what?!

3000 Refugees Under Thai Pressure To Teturn To Burma
I know, I know, it says 'Teturn,' but if you look at it, there's some important tidbits of info

Special: 2010 Elections Update!
Electoral preparations dominating junta actions

The maestro bows, curtain falls, the audience exits.

Thank you.

Anne Lynch
VP (aaa! when did that happen?!)

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burma is never late! Just me...

Good evening, one and all! SCB is keeping busy, but can never keep up with these road runners! Look at all that newsness!

China casts nervous eye at erstwhile ally Myanmar
A long look at just what these lovers get from each other
China A Reluctant Refuge For People From Myanmar (NY Times)
(more from Burmese point of view)

Groups urge Karen rethink
"Human rights activists are calling on Thailand to shelve a plan to send Karen refugees back to Burma..."

Verdict Postponed in Trial of Burmese-American Activist
"The lawyer for Kyaw Zaw Lwin told reporters Wednesday the judge postponed the verdict until February 10."

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi 'to be freed from house arrest'
"Burma's opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, will be freed when her house arrest ends in November, according to a government minister."
With that, I wish you all a merry February!

Anne K Lynch (aka, news girl)

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to the new Student Campaign for Burma!

Howdy folks! Guess what? We're full of fresh alt-breakers! Yay! We had (what I hope was) the first of several meetings to come this past Wednesday night, when a few of us more or less decided things we could do, things we wanted to do, and things we needed to wait and see for. One thing I could do was contact an organization that originally wanted to work with AUSCB last fall but never really came to fruition. So I e-mailed them, Kid Power Inc. Here's the response:

" Dear Anne,

I am so glad that you contacted me.  We are still very interested in working with you and I am excited that your students have such a  recent experience to speak with our students about.  
In the past. special interest series can come in two forms.  
The first is that we are talking to our kids about organizing their own little non-profits this semester where they choose a cause and then work this semester to develop a unique fund raising technique, learn more about the needs that need to be addresses and send money to the fund/project they choose.  On your end this would require a weekly or every other week commitment for the next couple of months.  We would like your group to come and talk to the kids about the cause and work along side them as they run their project.

Another option is doing a "seminar series"  where we essentially do the same thing as the non-profit idea but on a smaller 4-5 week scale.

Or you are welcome to come once, share your experience and do an activity.  You can commit to this and then see if you would like to get involved further.

What do you think?
What do you guys think? Let's have some input!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Burma hasn't killed me yet!

Hey folks! Sorry about the delay in welcoming you into a new semester and new year! I went on the Thai/Burma alt break and got food poisoning on the way back last week. So without further ado, your weekly news update recommences!

As poll looms, Myanmar still building parliament
Observing the eerie new capital city as construction on the Parliament building continues...

Burma leader Than Shwe gives election warning
From Jan 4

ASEAN should not be taken in by unprincipled Burma
"The junta's generals are well-bred gentlemen in front of the Asean counterparts where as they are the inhumane tormenters to their own populace"

India Can Move the Needle on Burma
Delhi should be more clever about using its own values and role as a regional leader to press for political reform."-- Wall Street Journal

Burma's Supreme Court hears final Suu Kyi appeal
Burma has a court system??? Who knew!

With that, let's hope for better news next week! Keep Haiti in your thoughts,

Your news gal,
Anne K Lynch

P.S. Check out the latest Alt-Break's blog at