Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summertime in Burma Town

Oh my horsefeathers, it's the last Burma news email of the semester! We're all out of classes and (mostly) done with finals! That said, there's more time to read up on what's going on in Burma! So enjoy with a glass of your favorite summer drink, have a great summer, and let's hope we all hear more come autumn!

Pressure Mounts on Energy Giant Chevron to Disclose Revenue in Burma
"When shareholders of the multinational company Chevron gather for their annual meeting in the U.S. city of Houston in late May, they will come face to face with Naing Htoo, whose community has suffered due to the exploits of the energy giant in military-ruled Burma."

The New Silk Road
Focus on that second paragraph

Burma leaders 'shed uniforms for polls'
It's a mass exodus of the army! Wait, what?

Burmese leader says 'saboteurs' threaten national polls
Well, he would know...

China deploys additional troops on Burmese border
Aka, border control!

Report Highlights Lack Of Humanitarian Access To Cyclone Nargis Survivors In Myanmar
" 'Civilians in cyclone-affected areas continue to be subjected to various forms of forced labour, everyday restrictions on movements, and infringements of the rights to freedom of expression and association,' the report said."

TTFN, Ta-ta for now!

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma


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