Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burma FAILS spring finals

Special Announcements! (I know I'm late, I'll explain in due time) Don't study on a Friday night: Tomorrow night starting at 8pm is CELEBRASIA 3.0!!! At the Tavern! Just $5 and you get amazing awesomeness! And SCB is tabling, how exciting is that, right?!

If you really must study, do it in the Perch. You might find a special SCB surprise :)

Burma explosions leave nine dead
"Bombs planted near Rangoon firms with ties to junta as country prepares for first elections since 1990"
(if you prefer poor video, enjoy)

New South Wales Will Not Acknowledge Burma's Election
Not all of Australia, just the cool part

Series of explosions reported at hydroelectric project in Burma
Just what we needed, more explosions

Burma's hip-hop resistance spreads message of freedom
"Thxa Soe's music gives country's youth a focus for dissatisfaction with the junta despite strict censorship"
(This was cool!)

Best travels and good luck with finals!

Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

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