Thursday, February 25, 2010

PERFORM! for the SCB Coffee House!

AUSCB is looking for folks who would be willing to play a Coffee House in order to raise money for a Burmese Community living on a dump in Mae Sot, Thailand. We are still waiting on space confirmation, but the tentative date is Wednesday April 7, from 7pm-9pm.

We need about 7 acoustic acts to play for about 10 minutes each. If you're a musician, or know any AU students who would be willing to get on stage and show off their talents, please respond to this thread or email:

We look forward to hearing from you!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Burma News Cafe!

Good afternoon, my lovelies! One order of Burma news, coming right up!

Ethnic Repression May Increase Ahead of Burma Elections
"The report also puts forward the concern that the upcoming elections this year will intensify the already severe repression of political critics..."

Burma's youth rapping for change
Y'all have probably already heard about Generation Wave. Now the BBC has, too!

Burma Imprisons Buddhist Monk
I'm upset!

Burmese Refugees Persecuted in Bangladesh
"In a campaign that seems to have accelerated since October... ethnic Rohingya refugees who have been living for years in Bangladesh are being seized, beaten and forced back to Myanmar..."

You get two sides with your meal:

1) On March 2, there will be an “International Tribunal on Crimes against Women of Burma” in New York. Learn more here.

2) We recently received this news from Free Burma Rangers: "

Report from FBR relief team on the ground helping the IDPs:
On 19 February, 2010, Burma Army troops from MOC 7 attacked the school at Ta U Plaw and wounded Saw Eh Kaw Thaw, 12 years old, and Saw Ree Re, 10 years old. Saw Eh Kaw Thaw was wounded in his right hand and Saw Ree Re was wounded in his right leg. We (K5 FBR Luthaw)... helped to take care of the boys. They are ok now. But another boy, Saw Roe Bee Moo,16 years old, was wounded deeply in the side and stomach. We tried to send him to a clinic but on the 21st of February he died. We are very sad about this."

To learn more about FBR, their website is

Best travels,
Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Important Notice/Burma bees

Of course all of the bees are voluntary.

Burmese Officials Celebrate Kim Jong Il's Birthday
Be concerned...

Burma Sentences 4 Activists to Hard Labor as UN Human Rights Envoy Visits
Be appalled...
UN Rights Envoy Meets Prisoners in Burma
Be suspicious...

27,000 Burmese pass ID process
Be outraged!

IMPORTANT! If you would like to CONTINUE to receive Burma news and SCB updates, please RESPOND TO THIS BLOG by e-mailing! We're working on a new listserv. Thanks!

Best travels,

Anne K Lynch
aka newsgirl

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burma vs. Snowmaggedon!

Good morning folks! I hope you haven't been snowmaggedon-ed too much over the past week, although something tells me we all have. Let's hope a little Burma update brightens your day!

Myanmar refugees seek Orissa Govt.'s attention at their neglect
Burmese refugees struggle in India

Elections mean nothing to Myanmar's ethnic armies
"We cannot work with the SPDC, we are their enemies," Yawdmuang said. "We are prepared to talk but the SPDC cannot accept our proposal. They say we must lay down our weapons, nothing else."

Burma: Conviction of Kyaw Zaw Lwin

RSS Feeds RSS Feed Thai Government, UN, Civic Groups Look to Protect Burma Refugees
"The Thai military last Friday tried to push the Karen back to Burma, which they fled last year to avoid fighting between Karen rebels and the Burmese military."

Obviously, we weren't able to hold meetings this week. I imagine we'll be making those up next week. In the mean time, I'm going to soon be sending out an e-mail about the various works-in-progress that Student Campaign for Burma is up to this semester. If you're interested in helping in any of these activities, please e-mail me ( or come to our next (less snowy) meeting!

Best travels,

Anne K Lynch

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burma: A Symphony of Chaos

Howdy do, everybody! Tonight, we will be hearing a symphony of chaos! Let us begin!

‘Burma VJ’ nominated for Oscar
If you hadn't heard already!!!

Japanese officials interview Burmese refugees
"Japan agreed in 2008 to accept 90 Burmese refugees from northern Thailand's Mae La camp over three years, making it the first Asian country to agree to resettle refugees on its soil."

Burma Absent from UN Security Council's February Agenda
Say what?!

3000 Refugees Under Thai Pressure To Teturn To Burma
I know, I know, it says 'Teturn,' but if you look at it, there's some important tidbits of info

Special: 2010 Elections Update!
Electoral preparations dominating junta actions

The maestro bows, curtain falls, the audience exits.

Thank you.

Anne Lynch
VP (aaa! when did that happen?!)

American University Student Campaign for Burma