Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burma News and Action! HUZZAH!

Burma Action Week is half way through! Wow, guys, and it's cool! Have you seen ALL of those popsicles? (either on the Quad Monday or the beach until Thursday) And how about those awesome t-shirts of awesomeness? But best so far was tonight's coffee house/open mic night, including the performance of a recent alt-breaker/Burmanator, Thomas Qian! Who was awesome! Clap at your computer because it was that cool (I'll get some pics up on facebook soon if you couldn't come).

Thai unrest, Burma cloud ASEAN summit
ASEAN has its hands full! Darn those juvenile delinquents!

Burma’s largest opposition party to boycott 2010 election
Is it really a boycott if it's not a fair election?

Child Displacement in Burma Documented
"Based on the Thai-Burmese border, the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) and Partners released its findings in a report titled “Displaced Childhoods,” which chronicles conflict areas in eastern Burma."

And in case you didn't know (because I forgot to mention it) SCB joined protesters a week or so ago outside the SPDC attache's place in DC as they were throwing a big dinner party. There are pics on facebook, you should look for them!

And a little plug: I wanna co-lead the Thai/Burma alt-break next winter break. Would anyone be interested in co-leading? Contact (Shoshanna Sumka, head of the alt-break program)! Because I really don't wanna do it alone.

Best travels folks! Come to the Burma panel discussion Thursday, noon, McKinley 101! It's gonna be awesome and I am gonna enjoy that tea-leaf salad!!! Wheeeee!!!!!

Anne K Lynch
news girl/VP/not doing marketing homework

American University Student Campaign for Burma

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