Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Burmese spam is probably spicier than ours

So I opened the AU Burma email address and saw a notice that the blog got a comment! It was spam. Not cool.

Locking down N-supplies
A Bangkok editorial on the DC nuclear summit thing, check out the bottom paragraphs

Burma Opposition Apologizes for Failing to Achieve Democracy
Let's imagine this. The NLD comes up to the podium: We're sorry we can't establish a free nation while our government is killing off its citizens and torturing opposition (aka, us).

Burmese music: Sound of the underground
Good article, but don't click the links, they don't actually go to the music described here (sadly!)

Burma Action Week was AMAZING! Thank you guys for coming and participating and helping and just showing general support! You are also amazing! And we should have lots of money for Burmese refugees! If you want notes from our most recent meeting (including upcoming events) email us!

Best travels,
Anne K Lynch

American University Student Campaign for Burma

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